Welcome to clyderunners the Social Running Club


We are a social running club based in rural South L anarkshire, Scotland. The club is suited to the social runner who wants to run with company, and maybe even enter a race.  Most importantly it's an opportunity for regular runs with some friendly folk.


We also have a Facebook Site where our weekly runs are posted. 


Our Third Race
Entries are now open for our third 10k race starting and finishing at Strathclyde Park on Sunday 10th September at 10am.  The route leaves the park and heads into the lovely Baron Haugh Nature Reserve where you follow the trail, do a short loop and head back into the park.   Enter now.  It was a sellout last year.

ENTRY FEE:  Affiliated Members £10; Non-Affiliated Members £12                                                               

Our Second Race
On 30th October we had our 2nd race in Strathclyde Park via the RSPB Nature Reserve.  The race was a sell out and the feedback has been breathtaking.  We are glad everyone enjoyed it.
The sun shone on Strathclyde Park setting the scene for a great 10k with tremendous effort by all participants. The picturesque race along the Baron Haugh's Nature Reserve had a few inclines in the first half, followed by some welcome downhill and a flat finish.
Many thanks to all our runners, sponsors and supporters for making this a great day.

You can find the results here




Race is run under permit no 17/174 issued by The Association of Running Clubs



We're often asked, "Why the slightly M A A A D  Bumble Bee?" Well, the Bumble Bee was once thought to be aerodynamically improper but since the bee didn't know that, he/she flew anyway!  Isn't it true that we all have hidden talents to some degree?  Hey, maybe we're good runners after all?



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